Back.. Again.. we wait too long between updates.

- August 15th, 2009, 11:43:22 AM
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Ok, so I know we wait WAY too long between updates, but I think the wait is well worth it.
Every time we come back with good news. Maybe not the news you wanted to hear, but good none the less.

We've made some tremendous strides with the engine for Grimmy, as far as enhancing the physics, graphical capabilities, and well.. I don't want to share too much. Let it just be known, that it is coming along beautifully.

Bass has been toying around with ProjectX a little bit, and we've gained quite a few ideas to use in Grimmy with that little project of his.

Down to the point though. Dispite rumors on some of the gamedev forums I troll, Grimmy is not abandonware in any way shape or form. Grimmy ARL has an extensive story so far and we've barely gotten started. Most dialogue WILL be voiced over (we may be looking into hiring some temps in the future to do voices -.^ keep an eye out) as well as a very muc different combat system than in the original 1995-1997 grimmy.
I can barely believe Bass made that over 10 years ago. Wow... anyways.
Ai has come a long way since the original Grimmy, though we ARE going to keep the same Thicklined art style.

Also, we'd like to announce another new project joining the family; NetRPG. The need arose within the company, as some of us are .. not so near eachother and we all love a good DnD session here and there. (*cough* weekly *cough*) and IMs just don't cut it.
So I'm here to bring you - NET R P G!
Since this is a front page post, I'll let you dig in the joicy details on NetRPGs Homepage
Maintenance for 3/21/09

- March 21st, 2009, 08:50:42 AM
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Maintenance Update 3/21/2009 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST

Complete | Checklist | Estimated End time | Actual End Time.

[X] | Enable Maintenance Notice and Create Checklist | 7:35 AM | 7:37 AM
[X] | Backup All Databases | 8:45 AM | 7:44 AM
[!] | Upgrade Database Software | 9:20 AM | 8:11 AM !-Read Notes
[X] | Reinsert Database Data | 10:45 AM | 8:27 AM
[X] | Test and disable Notice | 11:30 AM | 8:50 AM

Maintenance Notes:

The server we were previously on ended up not being a security flaw, but a hardware failure.
Our maintenance team will be working diligently at fixing our database server as soon as possible. For now, our Databases will be hosted off-site. This may cause a slight delay, but should not be noticable for the most part.
We expect to be back on our normal server within 24 to 48 hours.
The move back maintenance will be approximately 20 minutes at most once the normal server is back online.
Work work work...

- March 16th, 2009, 04:33:17 PM
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In the calamity that is the AI website being in so much disarray, We've actually had a lot of spam posts to a board that isn't even accessible. I'm not sure how they do it, but they've somehow already found the mid-development forums I've been working on for the past week.
I'm thinking of taking up a Mythic-style approach and adding a Ban Hammer spot of my own to the side panel here on the front page for all the spammers and all-around cruel people who think it's nice to make me have to delete hundreds of posts a week because they want to sell their black market Viagra that badly.

But, on the up-note; I've been working diligently on the new forum system.It works similarly to other forum systems in the fact that it is still a BBS format, but it's different in the fact that it doesn't refresh the home forum page at all. (Yes, for all those link-happy crazypeople out there, there WILL be a way to link to posts)

As for Grimmy AotRL; We're still looking for a sprite artist or two. Me and Bass are ... horribad at creating 2D graphics as of this moment. We tried.... they just didn't work.

Edit As of the posting of this news topic at 4:30PM PST, we've had 5 new spammer posts; I will be adding the ban numbers for all to see. It's more fun that way xD

- February 23rd, 2009, 06:33:54 PM
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I'm not sure how many of you have kept up (Probably not many as the site's been dead for months) with AI, but we're picking back up.

The website (http://ai.infotandb.com/ / Link to DEV environment) is still under reconstruction; Keeping the same base template but revamping how it works, to be more smooth, and professional looking.

About AI: Awaken Interactive Software (AI, AIGames, AISoft) is a game and commission software company based in Michigan and Idaho. We're bent towards making simple games like Grimmy (our hottest and only complete game so far as our Graphics artist moved and has not contacted us yet), but are also poking our heads around 3D.

Grimmy is a 2D side-scrolling Platformer created by Kelly (BassZ) back in '96. The basic premis is you are Grimmy, a Grim Reaper in training, and as your task, you are sent to destroy all the Elves in the world to become the Reaper.

(Supports AIA & AIOS)
Grimmy Gold is a remake of Grimmy, with minor alterations and upgrades.
Supports up to 1024x768/1152x864 (3:4/16:10). The storyline has been altered to be more clear and fun.

(Supports AIA & AIOS)
Grimmy Attack of the Rune Lord is the sequel to Grimmy in storyline, but a complete overhaul of the engine and mechanics. Grimmy (the character, you) can upgrade your gear, weapons, stats, health, and a Synergy Bonus Talent Tree (similar to DIII).
The game isn't complete enough to release storyline information, but let me say, It's fun =)

Online Statistics (AIOS) are available for Grimmy ARL, Nestroid, and Grimmy Gold. This requires a valid AI login, but is optional.
Online statistics tracks Kills, Deaths, Crit chains, Most favored weapons, Longest Time Alive, Map times, Achievements, and others.
Options so far for the the Online Statistics are personal privacy options; Keep statistics hidden from[All, All but friends, All but chosen, None'>

AI Advances (AIA) are special in game changes users attain by doing certain things with AI. AIAs can be gained by Beta Testing, Donating, or by gaining Achievements. AIA points can be gained by doing specific things in the games, and can be used to purchase AIA items. --Requires valid AI Login with Online Statistics enabled.

Achievements can be gained by doing special things in the games. The most obvious achievement would be beating the game. Other achievements can be gained by breaking certain time trial times on both levels, and entire games.
Achievements can grant anything from AIA points to in game stats, in game enchants/enhancements, new levels, and other goodies both in and out of game. --Requires valid AI Login with Online Statistics enabled.

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--Tanaalethan ; AIGames.
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